R: Re: Fobos-Grunt: photo showing rapid variation in brightness

From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Tue Dec 06 2011 - 09:33:37 UTC

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    According to the reported time, this photo has been taken during the same pass 
    I observed (I observed from 17:08 UTC).
    It is composed of 9 frames of 2 seconds, so it covers about 18 seconds, which 
    is the duration of about one estimated cycle.
    Recalling my observation, I would say that the frame number 4 (starting 
    counting from the left) could be a minimum and the frame number
    9 a maximum. Unfortunately the field of the photo is not enough to confirm the 
    presence of another maximum. Just the brightness seems 
    to decrease moving from the first to the second frame.
    Best regards,
    >----Messaggio originale----
    >Da: bjorn.gimle@gmail.com
    >Data: 6-dic-2011 9.41
    >A: "Ted Molczan"<ssl3molcz@rogers.com>
    >Cc: <seesat-l@satobs.org>
    >Ogg: Re: Fobos-Grunt: photo showing rapid variation in brightness
    >I don't believe this. The cut-offs/reappearances are much too sudden
    >and regular.
    >Some multi-exposure feature or a rotating shutter in front of the camera ?
    >There is another object below, crossing at ~110 degrees, showing the
    >same pattern !
    >2011/12/6 Ted Molczan <ssl3molcz@rogers.com>
    >> Via the F-G forum on Novosti Kosmonavtiki, I learned of this photo taken by 
    Richard Fleet, from the U.K. on 2011 Dec 05,
    >> near 17:07 UTC:
    >> http://twitpic.com/7owidp
    >> I estimate the site to have been near 51.45 N, 2.25 W. The ~20 s exposure 
    began about 17:07:02 UTC, and reveals eight
    >> brief minima, indicating rapid rotation.
    >> Ted Molczan
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