OT- Name that object!

From: Derek C Breit (breit_ideas@poyntsource.com)
Date: Mon Dec 05 2011 - 00:06:09 UTC

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    Last night I was looking for a satellite that hasn't been seen in awhile and
    I captured the fastest moving object I have ever recorded.. 
    7 MB video is at the bottom of the right-hand column on this page..
    Time is as stamped - UT from Saturday night.. Location is my front yard in
    Morgan Hill, CA .. FOV is something like 4 x 6 Degrees.. Full NTSC / EIA
    video w/ 1/60 second exposures..
    The two stars above the hot pixel are SAO 3785 on the left and SAO 3798 on
    the right.. Very Roughly RA 22h 49m 40s and DEC 80 22 (J2000).. This is ten
    degrees above Polaris, so North is down, West is to the left..
    Meteor?? Something else??
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