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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Thu Dec 30 2010 - 06:48:04 UTC

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    Morning Giuseppe
    Unfortunately I dont have a website and generally I dont keep the videos of 
    my observations more than a few days before deleting the DVD's for re-use. 
    However from time to time I have kept some of the more interesting images 
    and could send these to you by email. I also have a few short videos I could 
    send, so let me know what you are particularly interested in - ie leo or geo 
    sats and whether your email server will allow me to send such. The largest 
    file I can send with my server is about 6 Mbytes but generally any videos I 
    could send will be well under that. I have no problems in being able to send 
    such as I have ADSL.
    I did put two short video's on YouTube some time ago but Ill have to look up 
    what the numbers are and will hopefully do this later today.
    What sort of equipment are you contemplating using ?
    Best wishes
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