ZX-20 and ZX-22A

From: Igor Lissov (lissov-i@yandex.ru)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2010 - 11:58:09 UTC

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    I found evidence of identity swap between Chinese geostationary 
    satellites ZX-20 (object 26058) and ZX-22A (object 28082) made
    between DOY 176 and 177 in 2008. 
    1. Both objects jumped simultaneously and immediately between
    their stations of 103E and 68E. There is no explanation neither 
    need in such relocation.
    2. Each object continued other's trend in mean motion, inclination
    and calculated longitude after the swap. (I should mention that
    another swap in inclination may be guessed between DOY 164 and 170 --
    can't say if it was real.)
    3. "New" ZX-22A lost its latitude control capability in January
    2010, only 3.5 years after launch. If it is in fact ZX-20, the
    loss occured more than six years after launch which is more
    Are there any visual observations or other data to confirm or
    deny this swap in designations?
    Igor Lissov
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