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Date: Wed Dec 01 2010 - 17:49:35 UTC

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    Right... But with the vast knowledge here, I was "assuming" someone might
    have some idea of how things work at Vandenberg..
    Do they "generally" land things North to South, i.e over the SF Bay Area
    down to Vandenberg or do they always try and land things from the South or
    even from the West, leaving me zero chance?? Is the word "generally" ever
    even associated with Vandenberg??
    I will go through the possible passes and make a list of times and look
    angles so I can take a gander.. But I figured "y'all" might have an extra
    tidbit of info that would be useful..
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    The shuttle is a public asset - no government agency posts any sort of
    tracking info regarding the X37 to begin with, let alone mapping out its
    reentry path.
     - Rob
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