UK Space Command and Spy Sat Centre....

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Date: Mon Dec 29 2008 - 09:25:38 UTC

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    For UK and European  list members there is an interesting article on today's Sky News about the UK ops at Fylingdale.
    Given access to top secret acticities the reporter is seen looking at an array of screens which are tracking satellites which may be spying on UK troops in areas of operations.
    In reality it looks very much as if the unit is using NOVA for Windows , primed with the "Classified elset" to track known observation birds , of "whatever" nation .It then tells the area ops when they are under the footprint of an intel gathering bird.
    Rather crude....but thats the way it seems.( Shades of reports from years ago about tracking Keyhole sats over Iraq )
    Of course Fylingdales also uses the fence to monitor satellite  movements and detect orbit changes....but thats something regularly used , to a lesser scale , by many amateurs.
    All in all its a bit low tech......I thought the report would come up with news of some new sat spying technology , not something that many of us have been using to a greater , or lesser extent for some years.
    Perhaps there's something they didnt let us see ! 
    I wonder how many of the Command Centre operators are signed up to SeeSat ? :O)
    The full report should appear on the News website in due course.
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