From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Dec 17 2008 - 21:27:55 UTC

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    Evening all
    Ive just done some surfing on the Internet and turns out pretty interesting. The 
    AMC-14 satellite is a total loss following a malfunction during the second burn 
    of the BRIZ M upper stage which shut down 2 minutes early stranding the 
    satellite in a useless orbit. It appears they were able to get it to near 
    geostationary orbit and there were hopes of using a lunar trajectory flyby to 
    get it into the correct place but there were some patent restrictions on the use 
    of such a technique.
    Anyway do a search on AMC-14 and get the full story.
    It would appear that the $150 million satellite is a total loss and owners 
    apparently intend to de-orbit it.
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