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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Dec 06 2008 - 08:25:07 UTC

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    Morning all
    Probably my last input on this subject.
    First two corrections in my summary of the situation - for some reason I was 
    confusing Paul and Peter in my report. Lets try and set that straight -
    the optical observer is Peter Wakelin - sorry for calling you Paul
    the radio observer is Paul Marsh - sorry for calling you Peter
    Put these down to a blinding SENIOR MOMENT. Dont worry - in another report I 
    referred to my "MEADE DSI Pro II
    camera" as a "MINTRON DSI Pro II camera" - in this case Im positive I hade MEADE 
    in mind but somehow typed MINTRON - lack of communication between brain ( what 
    brain ??) and hand ?
    Okay the Unknown satellite 91128 has now been confirmed as MERCURY-2 which is an 
    ELINT type satellite - big
    dish which it uses to monitor radio traffic. It appears to be in a true 
    geostationary object- ie not drifting - and is close to the position where 
    DSP-F23 was stationed. As to whether it was moved there to replace DSP-F23 - I 
    dont know.
    Obviously Peter and myself will keep a close watch on it, and also DSP-F23 as it 
    starts drifting through clusters of
    commercial satellites -- are we going to have some billiards ?
    John Locker will also be watching in case he will loose any of the satellites 
    that provide the UK and Europe with TV !
    so maybe this is not my last word on DSP-F23?? 
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