STS-126 reentry- comment not obs

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 07:22:38 UTC

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    STS-126 flew over Australian and New Zealand on its re-entry track.
    I was unaware of this till the last minute as reference as usual was made to 
    events occurring "over the South Pacific" and mention of New Zealand was 
    made very late in the piece.   It was partly cloudy and daylight and 
    probably too early in the re-entry to observe anything in the circumstances 
    Now we are aware that the path to Edwards involves re-entry interface close 
    to us it is useful information to bear in mind for the future if a landing 
    there ever occurs after an illuminated night or early morning pass by here, 
    though of course the chances of this happening are probably somewhat 
    I have found a means whereby hopefully it has been conveyed to NASA that we 
    would appreciate being  mentioned specifically when events of interest occur 
    over our country so we can follow them.
    Robert Holdsworth
    South Pacific- er - New Zealand
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