playing with my meade deep sky imager pro ccd camera

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Dec 31 2007 - 01:22:35 UTC

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    I finally got around to trying out my ccd camera, a meade deep sky pro model. They no longer make
    the deep sky imager pro, been replaced by newer models.
    Anyways here my test images.
    I attached a old minolta camera lens, to my deep sky imager pro, using an adaptor I purchased over
    the internet, to get my images.  
    This allows me to get a wide feild view. The feild of view, is at least 4 degree across. 
    Area of sky around vega, used in the test.
    2 second capture, can see stars down to at least magnitude 8.

    8 second capture, stars down to the 10th magnitude I can spot. 

    So I am happy with these test results.
    Be fun, to try and detect the brighter geo sat's. I take a image, then another one seperated by a
    few minutes. Then compare them, to try and spot the geo sat. If I use a long exposure the stars
    Now to play with it some more, such as attaching the camera to my goto mount. Also will have to
    attaching the ccd camera, to the end of the 4 ince scope. Might be awhile, before that happens. 
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