Re: USA 193 ............ Further image.

From: John Locker (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2007 - 09:57:38 UTC

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    I'm rather relieved that David saw the pass to as he confirms that 193 was 
    indeed zipping along !
    If anyone fancies doing the math on this one over their Christmas pudding , 
    let me know and I'll send along the details.
    By my reckoning the total span of the object is just over 4 303 km.
    Thats not enough to include the arrays.
    There is a hint of structure either side of the main body , which could well 
    represent partial deployment.
    193 has come down about 30 km in the last 3 months , so by Spring we should 
    be able to get even better resolution......but it begs the question , will
    the operators let it continue to fall , or , as it clears the lower part of 
    the LEO might it become a viable target for destruction ?
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    John Locker wrote:
    > Just after 1700 this evening USA 193 made a fast and furious pass over the
    > UK
    > I am still of the opinion that the solar panels on this bird , assuming it
    > had them , never deployed as in the lighting conditions present tonight I 
    > am
    > sure we would have seen them.
    For the first time in many months I was out with the scope and caught this 
    bird.  I hope to reduce the obs shortly.
    "Fast and furious" describes it well as it tore across my early-evening sky 
    before the clouds rolled in.
    Merry Christmas,
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