Dropped Watch - Lost All Timings

From: Brad Young (allenb_young@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Dec 21 2007 - 22:52:26 UTC

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    Last night I reset my watch and lost all timings. However, I saw several good objects, hilights were:
    Cosmos 2430 Pf, 32270 (07-49C) low in the west +4->inv long smooth maxima
    Milstar 3, 25724 (99-23A) flared to mag 0 as an UNID for me, nice surprise!
    Oceansat 1 r/b 25759 (99-29D) new to me, steady at mag 6.5
    COSPAR 8336 +36.1397, -95.9838, 201 m
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