Re: Re-entry mistaken for Geminids?

From: Greg Williams (
Date: Mon Dec 17 2007 - 06:32:36 UTC

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    That looks like the same video of the re-entry taken last year mistaken 
    by the morning news as a meteor.
    The video was taken over Phoenix, wasn't it?
    Skywise wrote:
    > Ran across this video on the BBC website today (12-16-07),
    > Watch for line wrap.
    > There's no details given other than the following description:
    >  "The annual Geminid meteor shower, visible all over
    >   the world, has been filmed in the skies over Arizona
    >   in the US."
    > But in watching it, it is definitely a re-entry. Very reminiscent
    > of Coumbia, or that other video taken by the news chopper in Colorado
    > some time back.
    > Brian
    Gregory S. Williams
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