Re: Goes 12 orbit adjust on Dec 17

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Date: Sun Dec 16 2007 - 18:57:53 UTC

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    Kevin Fetter wrote:
    > It says they will do a East-West Station Keeping maneuver.
    Though I can't currently use data from GOES 12 (some of its Space
    Environment Monitor [SEM] subsystem is broken), it's always nice to know
    when things are moving. Thanks!

    I do wonder if any of the SEM data could be used to predict
    modifications to the orbital elements? We know that the Sun has impact
    on the behavior of LEO birds' orbits. We detect that as changes in the
    mean motion of a few seconds of time over some period.
    I've got an archive of X-Ray, electron and proton data. I've also got
    archived orbital data for some vehicles going back to 25 October 2004 on
    a sporadic basis, and 1 August 2007 on a daily basis with a few gaps.
    Plus, there's easy access to other historical data. Can anyone suggest a
    likely test vehicle for me to satisfy some curiosity about? I think the
    data would be representative of solar wind changes. Correlation &
    covariance are your friends. :)
    I'd be after a vehicle like a rocket booster which is probably not
    actively maneuvering and has a high cross-section, plus is probably less
    than 500 miles (~4100 mile minor axis) up. I'll look for a few on my
    own, but it would be interesting to know if there are easy ones to
    examine which spring to the list's collective mind.
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