those in the western usa/canada, keep an eye out for radarsat 2 attached to the upperstage passing by

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2007 - 11:37:25 UTC

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    On Dec 14 at around 13:17 UTC, a soyuz rocket will liftoff with the radarsat 2 satellite.
    After the fregat upperstage complete's its first burn, it and the radarsat 2 satellite still
    atached to it, will pass across western usa/canada. So the upperstage will still be in lower
    orbit, then the planned orbit radarsat2 will be placed into.
    I beleive its parking orbit should be high enough, so the upperstage/satellite will be sunlit and
    thus be seen by the right people.
    Can't tell you where to look, in order to see it. 
    I had contacted starsem for some info, but they couldn't tell me what I wanted to find out.
    There's the users manual, which shows a ground track, which I beleive this launch will follow.
    Look for page 44.
    I look forward to the launch, since radarsat 2 will be placed into the orbital plane radarsat 1 is
    loacated in. 
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