Re-entering debris from NROL-24 in Canadian news (link)

Date: Tue Dec 11 2007 - 19:28:09 UTC

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    Media report from far southeastern Canada about early rocket debris
    from NROL-24 coming down in the ocean minutes after liftoff. The
    typical swarm of 911 emergency calls reporting a crashed airplane...
    Yes, I too assumed at first that the reporters/police/eyewitnesses
    saw the much later fuel dump and thought it was "burning up in the
    atmosphere". Closer inspection of the time (atlantic standard Z-0400)
    and the location downrange of a very high inclination launch from the
    Cape looks like it fits for actual crashing debris.
    PS: I'm now in upstate New York, I see nothing through forever-clouds
    of the Great Lakes in winter.
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