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Date: Wed Dec 05 2007 - 06:56:58 UTC

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    The second satellite in the COSMO-SKYMED series COSMO-2 is due for launch on 
    Wednesday at 0231 UTC.
    Broadcast at:
    Mission booklet at :
    The satellite will have an inclination of 97.9 degrees, and a 637 by 620 km 
    orbit (figures rounded, exact ones available from the above booklet.)
    Some significant events in the launch sequence occur over or close to 
    populated areas namely:
    T plus 53 minutes: second stage restart and SECO over Madagascar with 
    separation over Mozambique.
    T plus 1 hr 16 mins 40 seconds over England: 5 second evasive burn of the 
    second stage placing the stage in a 185 by 605 km 98.33 degree orbit.
    10 minutes later: second stage depletion burn over Greenland.
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