Re: STS and ISS

From: daniel crawford (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2006 - 22:38:01 EST

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    I caught this same pass from my garage roof.
    Wonderful site.  The Shuttle was 'leading' and to the right of the ISS
    (from my perspective).  At about 20 degrees in elevation, I extended
    my thumb out and covered each object.  As they approached 40 degrees,
    I could put my thumb out between them and see each object.
    The shuttle was beautiful as it entered the shadow.  There was a
    definite color change to orange-red - though I did not see the ISS
    change color as it entered the shadow a few seconds later.
    Glad to have seen them!
    Daniel Crawford
    Crystal, MN
    On 12/19/06, Tom Wagner <> wrote:
    > I saw and photographed the fine pair from a small country graveyard a few
    > miles south of Waterloo, Iowa. It was dark and creepy there. I set up my
    > tripod on a narrow gritty road using my car to block some of the frigid
    > wind.
    > While on my back beside my setup, at 18:34 my cell phone alarm went off as
    > scheduled. I quickly turned my camera on and counted off 30 seconds to the
    > time I opened the shutter. I didn't know what to expect since I was in a
    > hurry before hand and only checked the ISS's path. I was hoping to get the
    > transit into the Earth's shadow. With my heart pounding in anticipation the
    > pair emerged from behind the cemetery pines. I was amazed at how beautiful
    > they were in formation! If only there was some sort of music in the
    > background to set it off I thought. Everything was so quiet. Appropriate for
    > my location I suppose.
    > The Shuttle was a lot less bright than the ISS. Neither was anywhere near as
    > bright as the pair was high in the sky the night before. The Shuttle drifted
    > into shadow earlier that what I anticipated. Nuts! The trees I was near for
    > effect covered more of its track than I wanted them to. The ISS darkened
    > several seconds later. Neither turned red this time.
    > I have a picture of the pair posted here:
    > I wish them well on their return home. There's a lot of K.E. to disperse
    > between now and then.
    > Tom  Iowa  USA
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