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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2006 - 22:25:41 EST

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    I saw and photographed the fine pair from a small country graveyard a few 
    miles south of Waterloo, Iowa. It was dark and creepy there. I set up my 
    tripod on a narrow gritty road using my car to block some of the frigid 
    While on my back beside my setup, at 18:34 my cell phone alarm went off as 
    scheduled. I quickly turned my camera on and counted off 30 seconds to the 
    time I opened the shutter. I didn't know what to expect since I was in a 
    hurry before hand and only checked the ISS's path. I was hoping to get the 
    transit into the Earth's shadow. With my heart pounding in anticipation the 
    pair emerged from behind the cemetery pines. I was amazed at how beautiful 
    they were in formation! If only there was some sort of music in the 
    background to set it off I thought. Everything was so quiet. Appropriate for 
    my location I suppose.
    The Shuttle was a lot less bright than the ISS. Neither was anywhere near as 
    bright as the pair was high in the sky the night before. The Shuttle drifted 
    into shadow earlier that what I anticipated. Nuts! The trees I was near for 
    effect covered more of its track than I wanted them to. The ISS darkened 
    several seconds later. Neither turned red this time.
    I have a picture of the pair posted here:
    I wish them well on their return home. There's a lot of K.E. to disperse 
    between now and then.
    Tom  Iowa  USA 
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