Bright pass of the ISS/Shuttle through Pegasus

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2006 - 21:34:59 EST

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    I observed a bright high pass of the ISS with Shuttle attached tonight here 
    in Waterloo, Iowa USA. It reached 71 degrees and was supposed to be a 
    magnitude of -1. It was easily that! I enjoyed watching it breeze through 
    the great square of Pegasus. I especially liked seeing it go into the 
    Earth's shadow. It got distinctly red as it dimmed.
    If interested a picture of the pass with annotations is posted here:
    After the pass, being curious, I stood on my tiptoes to look into the broken 
    end of an old hollow telephone pole standing next to me. When I flipped on 
    my flashlight I found myself, quite literally, face to face with a cute 
    little bug-eyed deer mouse. I said hello, apologized for startling him and 
    went on my way.
    Tom  Iowa USA 
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