unid geo sat seen, might be a geo sat that recently started to drift, are is moving

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2006 - 06:35:37 EST

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    I was letting my mount track the stars last night, which caused the geo sat's to pass across the
    feild of view.
    I was doing that, to see what geo sat's I could see with my setup.
    I observed a few.
    I was letting the video record for later playback. I was talking to the neirbour, and took the dog
    for a walk to pass some time.
    This morning, I played back the just over 1 hour of capture I did.
    At the right time, Intelsat 705 ( 23528 ) came by.
    Then I noticed a geo sat, that didn't belong at the time shown. I had to make sure I wasn't seeing
    things, I am not seeing things:)
    At around 2:51:07 UTC ( Dec 18 ) the unid passed just above a magnitude 9 star at
    5 h 18 m R.A
    -6 deg 37 min Dec
    It's number 4764 780  in the tycho star catalog.
    Then at the right time, Intelsat 707 ( 23816 ) came by. So it's between Intelsat 705 and Intelsat
    I am recording it as a unid, for now. I won't be fooled again, incase it's a drifting are moving
    geo sat. I was fooled by that geos 13 satellite for my last unid, not this time by a known
    satellite, if it turns out to be that.
    Here's the approx non proper tle for it. 
    1 99999U 96015A   06351.28251060 -.00000254  00000-0  10000-3 0  4878
    2 99999 000.0595 001.2841 0003563 263.6163 230.0235 01.00271591 39429  
    To give you idea, of what I observed for it's pass by that area. 
    Looks like I be clouded out tonight, to look for it again.
    But then it could be a drifting are moving geo sat. I had caught geos 13 on the move, before the
    updated tle appeared for it on spacetrack. So I don't want to fall for a nasty trick played on me
    by a geo sat like the last time.
    I was using the video camera, at the end of the scope, with focal reducer.
    44.6062 N
    75.6910 W
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