Re: Confused over STS116 TLEs.

From: Christian Kjrnet (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 12:27:38 EST

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    The MSNBC-article is from 2005, and is not valid for this shuttle mission to
    the ISS. The ISS has since docking taken over attitiude control, and the
    maneuvering rockets of Discovery were disengaged right after docking.
    The ISS boosted its own height by some kilometers on the night between
    December 4 and 5, one week before docking with the shuttle. The next planned
    maneuver of the ISS is on December 18, as mentioned by Ted. Until then, use
    recent H-A or Space-Track TLEs and expect that the ISS is slowly lowering
    its height.
    Christian Kjaernet
    On 13-12-06 17:06, "Kevin Fetter" <> wrote:
    > As the shuttle is docked to the ISS, just use the TLE for the ISS from heavens
    > above.
    > Then there's the problem, of the shuttle boosting the ISS orbit, see
    > For why.
    > The nasa data will take that into effect.
    > Kevin
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