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From: John A. Dormer 2 (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 08:21:02 EST

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    Tom Wagner wrote:
    > Like Mike just e-mailed me, the ground track feature seems to be working
    > again. Good deal!
    At the moment, 0713 11 December 2006 CST, I can't get anything other
    than a blue screen with grid marks on one of the links which Mike sent
    as a test. Changing the latitude and longitude to a place I know to be
    over land didn't help. :<
    I have a feeling that there will be two significant things: the site
    will be unstable for a day or two more, and any old links and bookmarks
    you're used to using will have to be redone to find out how the same
    functionality is now implemented. :<
    I've used both Linux/Apache/mod_perl and MS IIS systems to publish large
    web sites (>5e6 hits/day, >4K public pages). I'm not as impressed by MS.
    It seems less amenable to automation and predictability IMHO. I wouldn't
    pour too much harshness off on Chris Peat at this time. :) I'm sure he
    can see what's happening just as we can now.
    And please don't consider this a troll for another MS/Linux
    war-of-words. It'd be off topic.
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