Dec 12 STEREO spacecraft perigee

From: Jim Albers (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 18:57:58 EST

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    On Dec 12 UTC (Mon night/Tues Morning) the two STEREO spacecraft will have
    their last perigee before heading past the Moon and out in opposite
    directions. Observers in the western hemisphere around the Pacific ocean are
    well placed to see them. However, a telescope is required as the range will
    still be at last 10,000 km.
    My website has maps of predicted maximum brightness and a downloadable Excel
    spreadsheet that calculates sky coordinates from any ground location and can
    be used for input to Skymap Deepsky.txt file.
    David Dunham's page includes news and sky coordinates for a number of
    locations worldwide.
    Note that the JPL Horizons Web site as not been updated since Nov 13 and
    should not be used for predictions for this event.
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