RE: Discovery , heard but not seen............

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 11:19:21 EST

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     John, et al
    The TV coverage once again showed the separation from the external tank. How
    far down range does this happen? Is it visible from the UK?
    Just after separation you can see thruster firings but also there are many
    short bursts of 'aurora-like" plasma around the shuttle. This is probably a
    stupid question but is the Shuttle still gaining altitude by momentum even
    after the main engines are off since it appears to be low enough to be
    creating a plasma trail still.
    Also, what is the altitude when it passes over UK at this time, could it
    possibly been seen by this faint plasma trail?
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    > Great launch last night , but unfortunately this mission does 
    > not favour European observers at all  :O( ....shame as the 
    > climb out "could" have given me a 45 deg elevation visual pass.
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