Discovery , heard but not seen............

From: John Locker (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 05:35:34 EST

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    Great launch last night , but unfortunately this mission does not favour 
    European observers at all  :O( ....shame as the climb out
    "could" have given me a 45 deg elevation visual pass.
    However a short clip of direct audio from Discovery  ( UHF ) as it passed 
    over the UK is at.......
    It was fed as an audio channel (right)  to my NASA TV satellite feed during 
    The sequence is as follows....
    First mission control gives an OMS2 related command . Then the direct ( UHF) 
    reply from Discovery is heard.That reply is then heard again as it goes 
    through the NASA TV circuit....and finally the confirmation from Mission 
    On screen  were the launch replays.
    At the time  Discovery was about 450 km down range passing over the South 
    coast of the UK
     ( ISS Images from the UK ) 
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