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From: David I. Emery (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2006 - 22:58:58 EST

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    On Sat, Dec 09, 2006 at 09:54:06PM -0500, Don Gardner wrote:
    > Nice to have the night launches back.
    > >From Alpha Ridge Park in Maryland (39.3058 N, 76.8992 W, 146mALS):
    > The shuttle was not an easy target until about T+ 6 minutes - then it was
    > about -1.5 mag about as bright as Sirius.
    	I saw it from Wayland, Mass (42.3719 N, 71.3850 W, 40 M ALS).
    Dodging into and out of thin layers of cloud - my 12 year old son who
    was watching it through 7 power binos says he thought he could see the
    thruster firings after MECO as the external tank separated - when we
    played back the video from NASA and HDNET he was quite sure the pattern
    of flashes he saw matched the downlinked video  from the tank.
    	It was distinctly orange and at least -1 magnitude, as bright as
    Jupiter or Venus but more diffuse.
    	It resembled the Lacrosse launch we saw from the same exact
    site in Wayland, but was much lower in the S and SSE horizon than
    that vehicle was.
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