Re: Discovery Ascent

From: daniel crawford (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2006 - 22:08:51 EST

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    Observed Launch from about 8 miles away in Titusville, FL (on the river bridge).
    I don't have the vocabulary to put the experience to words.
    Visual observing is great, but... When you can add feeling the heat of
    the engines, hearing/feeling the sound etc, it is different!  There
    were none that I saw without smiles on their faces and very many had
    I was blessed to meet (and have a beer or 2) with a deligation of
    Swedes - 45 of them are staying in my hotel for this launch.  The past
    few days they have been in a very somber mood, I expect that to change
    Clear and Dark!
    Daniel Crawford
    TTY in Titusville FL
    On 12/9/06, Don Gardner <> wrote:
    > Nice to have the night launches back.
    > From Alpha Ridge Park in Maryland (39.3058 N, 76.8992 W, 146mALS):
    > The shuttle was not an easy target until about T+ 6 minutes - then it was
    > about -1.5 mag about as bright as Sirius.  I followed it in the eastern sky
    > - about 8 deg above the horizon. It seem as though MECO was somewhat longer
    > than T+ 8 minutes.   Using 7x50 binos I followed it for about another 90
    > seconds and observed the short burns of the thrusters to maneuver the
    > external fuel tank form the shuttle.
    > I tried to capture it using a camcorder but it did not perform well in low
    > light conditions.
    > Don Gardner
    > 39.1799 N, 76.8406 W, 100m ASL
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