Obs 12-6-06 Not so Hot

From: Brad Young (brad.young@domain-engineering.com)
Date: Wed Dec 06 2006 - 14:03:26 EST

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    Mobic stopwatch freaked out again...this time went into infinite roll on
    hundredths of second display with no change in any other numbers. Will try
    another fresh battery and try harder to avoid static. I assume the last
    point I took (5 of 5) was okay:
    25157 98 007A   8336 G 20061206003822050 17 25 0017628+014297 57 S
    Since stopwatch was out, I timed maxima of slow-roll of DMSP 10533 (7816) as
    23 s period between 5.0 mag maxima with wristwatch.
    Other frustration last night was I tried new 15 x 80 binocs my wife gave me
    early for Christmas and found they could not rack out to focus on right eye
    (I'm 20/200 vision). They will be returned for a new pair. Didn't get done
    messing with them early enough to catch XSS-11 (28636) near DMSP B5D2-6
    (21798, 91-82A). Last time I saw both they were still ~15 s apart, with DMSP
    DRTS H2A Rk = 27518 (02-42D) was seen easily with old 10 x 50s from 2:33:20
    to 2:35:36 flashing to +4.0 in Pisces and one flash was caught naked eye.
    Brad Young
    TULSA 1
    COSPAR 8336
    36.1397N, 95.9838W, 205m ASL
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