Re: East Coast Dawn Launch

Date: Wed Dec 06 2006 - 02:05:15 EST

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    Thanks to Ralph McConahy's forwarding of the Major Mission Events (Event 
    Times and Values) for Monday morning's Minotaur TacSat-2 Mission from Wallops 
    Island, VA., I was able to calculate potential viewing circumstances for New York 
    City.  All times are Eastern Standard.
    EVENT                            TIME         ALT.           AZ.
    -----------                            -------         -------           -----
    S1 SEP. S2 IGN              7:01:01     4.1-deg.     161.1-deg.
    S2 SEP                          7:02:13    18.0-deg.     179.2-deg.
    S3 IGN                           7:02:15     18.2-deg.    179.8-deg.
    S3 SEP                          7:07:41       6.0-deg.    118.7-deg.
    S4 IGN                           7:07:52       5.5-deg.    118.4-deg.
    S4 BURNOUT                 7:09:00       1.4-deg.    115.8-deg.
    In an e-mail to me, Ralph said that he " . . . doubted that the fourth stage
    ignition would be visible from the US," but my calculations show that 
    from New York it will take place just over 5-degrees above the east-southeast
    horizon and incidentely, almost directly above the position of the Sun 
    (which will rise just over a minute later).
    If you plot these positions out, the rocket rises sharply out of the 
    south-southeast horizon toward the upper right, reaches a peak altitude of 
    nearly 20-degrees above the southern horizon,
    then seems to nearly "pause" around the time of second stage 
    separation and third stage ignition . . . then turns abruptly down and to
    the left toward the southeast horizon and toward the rising Sun.
    It will be interesting to see how much of this will be readily visible 
    for us New Yorkers.
    -- joe rao   
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