East Coast Dawn Launch

From: Brian Webb (kd6nrp@earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Dec 05 2006 - 08:43:10 EST

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    Hi All:
    Joe Rao called to my attention next Monday's launch of a Minotaur rocket and
    Tacsat-2 from Wallops Island, Virginia just before sunrise.
    The viewing conditions for the are not optimum, but chances are observers
    may see an interesting display as sunlight shines through the rocket's
    exhaust plume. The further west you are, the darker the sky will be and the
    more the plume will stand out. The plume will look like a glowing orb for
    observers behind the vehicle or a wedge-shaped for observers to the side of
    the flight path.
    A couple of things to look out for:
    - If the vehicle has a fourth stage, wait around for fourth stage iginition
    (it may make for an artifical comet).
    - The launch aftermath will probably form an interesting, twisted cloud
    Brian Webb
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