Shuttle Launch crossing Moon?

From: JPoplin (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 17:57:25 EST

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    As a long time reader of this list and part time satellite
    observer, I was looking into the possibility of catching the
    upcoming launch as it climbs up the East coast.  Years ago I
    caught a night launch from Cape Lookout, NC and still
    remember that most fantastic telescopic view of the main
    engines plume of fire in the black sky.  While researching a
    possible repeat viewing, I quickly realized the presence of
    the near full Moon.  That eliminated chances of easy video
    capture, with the bright lunar glare, but I began thinking
    of photo capture of an assending shuttle\external tank
    assembly crossing the lunar disk.  My prediction skills are
    very rusty and the thought of updating old software adds
    more grey hair to this old noggin.
    I want to ask this excellent group if anyone would like a
    challenge.  I believe there are a few of the list that could
    benefit from such predictions for this upcoming launch.
    Thanks - in advance,
    Jeff Poplin
    King, NC
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