superbird a flashes observed and milstar geo sat flares

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu Dec 22 2005 - 21:08:55 EST

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    On Dec 20, I was able to observe superbird a, flash nicely.
    I observed bright flashes, from 3:12 to 3:21 UTC ( Dec 21 )
    I still have the video on dvd, if the observations are needed. 
    Latter that night, I was able to watch the milstar geo sat flares.
    First from the one, parked at 68 degrees West.
    I made up this fake orbit, so I can find it again on another night. I didn't keep any video record
    of it, so I can't measure positions of it.
    1 90023U 04776A   05365.96806855  .00000000  00000-0  00000+0 0    06
    2 90023   5.0215 177.5096 0012117 203.3293    .0000  1.00269950    04
    Then latter I observed milstar 6 at 90 degrees West. It was closer to it's last real orbit I had
    for it, computed by mike mccants.
    I also observed few leo objects, and got them on video. 
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