A touch of Lunacy !

From: satcom (john@satcom.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 22:48:53 EST

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    With an expected Lunar Transit this morning I set my bio clock ( brain ) to 
    wake me at 0130....giving me over an hour to assess the weather and get set 
    I intended using a small FOV to try and get one enlarged frame of the 
    station against the lunar surface.
    Unfortunately , good old brain decided to let me have a lie in....and I 
    awoke just before 0230 , 13 minutes before the transit with the sky crystal 
    clear !!!!
    Its a good job no-one had a cam corder handy to record the frenzied activity 
    as I rushed around trying to get sorted out  ;o)
    Anyway , the results are here........
    is an enlarged animation , with
    the original frames , slightly lightened.
    The station was a couple of seconds early and slightly south of predicted 
    transit line so I will have to check my co-ordinates again to make sure I 
    put the correct info into CalSky.com
    2h43m50.83s ISS Crosses the disk of Moon. Separation: 0.095d  Position 
    Angle: 8.4d
    Angular Velocity: 61.3'/s.  Transit duration: 0.44s
    Angular diameter: 45.1"
    As you can see , transit time was only 0.44 secs , so perhaps it is a good 
    job I didnt try a smaller FOV as I would probably have missed it !
    Too late ( early ) to write up the details ..full report to follow.
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