Re: progress spacecraft launched

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Sun Dec 26 2004 - 13:11:29 EST

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    According to NASA HSF bulletin 69 containers with enough food for about 112 
    days.    Almost on topic because if the rendezvous was unsuccessful the 
    crew might have had to depart the ISS in the very near future.
    Further on topic, the docking was originally intended to take place over 
    Russia.  This was changed to near Brazil to try and reduce the 
    stationkeeping time needed , but the change in plans at the last minute 
    returned to the original one so they would have the benefit of TV monitoring 
    from Russia  (the monitor which uses the crosshairs familiar to anyone who 
    has watched the docking on our TVs/PCs.)
    I cannot answer your other question, so will leave that to someone else.
    > Hi everyone;
    > Does Russia have a web site that shows their launch schedule
    > perhaps even including 'non Progress' launches?
    > Somwhat related ... perhaps off topic question:
    > How many crew days of food & water are 'normally'
    > able to be sent up on Progress?
    > Thanks
    > Don 
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