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Date: Thu Dec 23 2004 - 05:15:29 EST

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    yes, not only sub_0C but also possible snow.
    I did see snowflakes in air here once about
    14 years ago.  I don't think either me or my
    gear is hardened for below freezing temps.
    I might have to obs in other than shorts (?)
    ***Ed Cannon posted circa 22dec 0722z***
    A big cold front is coming -- we're going to have three 
    nights in a row below freezing.  It may even freeze where
    Paul is, about 450 km south of here.
    2004 Dec 23 10:14 UT 
    04358.427 Norad 
    @ 468.35 .beats 
    Paul Gabriel 8305 | se392
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