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From: John Locker (
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 02:40:39 EST

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    Further to my recent post about a possible NEO the video has been studied by 
    the UK NEO Information Centre .
    It doesnt look look this was a chunk of rock.....however , interestingly I 
    did receive this...
    "  By co-incidence, a small close NEO has been announced that
    flew-by near to (but not at) your position on the evening of the 19th.
    It reached mag 13 that evening during a very close approach.
    See the discovery MPEC of 2004YD5 at "
    We have agreed on an orbital period of 99.95 hours.....if it is in high 
    "polar " orbit.
    The object slices through the ecliptic  from north to south.
    It may still be , as Bjorn and Jim suggested , a highly inclined sat at that 
    position.... but
    unfortunately the weather has closed in again so I can't make any further 
    obs for the time being.
    BTW  2004YD5 , although small ,  passed pretty close.   0.00023 AU 
    ....but only seems to have been announced after the event ;o)
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