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From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 00:35:08 EST

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    Congratulations on recovering this somewhat elusive object.  However
    sightings  of re-entry are unlikely as I believe numerous  unsuccessful
    attempts have been made for many years all over the world to observe
    similar events without known success.
    It appears to be a stealth satellite as it seems to have means to
    prevent visibility from earth, even though there is evidence that  such
    missions have frequently landed near human habitations .  Unlike certain
    other satellites these devices have not caused any damage to property on
    re-entry though it is believed that certain chimneys have been mildly
    I believe it is actually a  master satellite with a number of  tethered
    bionic propulsion devices , and has a crew captain  aboard.
    The designers appear to have overcome the launch constraints often
    imposed by snowy or similar weather on other satellite launches. They
    also appear to have conducted advanced research into space/time as the
    captain has the ability to appear in multiple locations at the same
    It is  understood  that the mission is peaceful, though there are
    indications that  it does conduct secret behavioural research.
    Its orbit is such that it passes over a wide scope of the earth's land
    mass in 24 hours.
    Owing to its design it is not expected that it will burn up on re-entry-
    it appears to be a recyclable satellite which is scheduled to be
    relaunched at the same time each year.
    Remarkably none of the bionic propulsion units have ever been located
    after re-entry though it is believed they have survived.
    Items from this object's payload have been located over a wide
    ground track on numerous occasions from previous annual missions. I hope
    list members  will recover many such objects at the conclusion of the
    current mission, and more importantly the peace and goodwill for which 
    another early seasonal mission to earth was designed.
    May I also ask that the captain bring me more clear skies in his sack, as 
    such nights have been in rather short supply!
    > In the shorter clip  which I posted last night
    > the unidentifed object moving north to south  could be SleighSat ( Norad 
    > 251204 ) This high polar orbiting  satellite is rapidly decaying and 
    > should re-enter early on the morning of
    > December 25.
    > Have a Happy Christmas
    > John
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