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From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 17:21:40 EST

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    I separated John's gif animation into images (and doubled their size)
    and measured start and end coordinates of most UNID tracks,
    plus a star which appeared in five images?
    Then I fitted a linear extrapolation of each coordinate with time.
    Unfortunately, it's on my notebook, for which I left the charger at work.
    But I had time to make handwritten notes about the average deltaX;deltaY
    of each, and computed the following extrapolations for four minutes:
    (first nine lines for those who want to check my errors)
    ;;;;Pixels / 4 minutes;;;;;Degrees/4 min;;
    2004-12-19 20:52;;RA;Dec;deltaX;deltaY;delta;angle;;az;alt;
    Astra 3A;02015B;04:31;-7.52;0.6;2.8;3;77.91;;degrees;;0.991
    ;UNID rel star;;;-1964;1611;2540;;;-0.785;0.644;1.015
    ;"UNID dRA; dDec";;;-2455;-654;2541;;;-0.982;-0.261;1.016
    2004-12-19 20:50;;04:29:02;-7.651;;;1280;;;;;0.512
    2004-12-19 20:54;;04:32:58;-7.389;;;960;;;;;0.384
    Last two lines are extrapolated rough positions
    but good delta? And computed FOV 0.512*0.384 degrees.
    .xls available on request.
    > In the shorter clip  which I posted last night
    > the unidentifed object moving north to south  could be SleighSat (
    > 251204 ) This high polar orbiting  satellite is rapidly decaying and
    > re-enter early on the morning of
    > December 25.
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