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Date: Sun Dec 19 2004 - 17:02:55 EST

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    Hi John,
        20 arcminutes in 2 minutes translates to 10 degrees per hour or 240
    degrees per day - that is exceptionally fast and implies if it were an NEO,
    it would have to be extremely close - possible, but not nearly as likely as
    it being a satellite.  It sounds more like a geosynch satellite in a high
    inclination orbit or some other high altitude satellite.  Most of the NEOs we
    see that are very close to Earth (within about 2 or so lunar distances)
    typically move betweeen about 5 and 30 degrees per day.
    On Sun, 19 Dec 2004, satcom wrote:
    > At 2056 gmt ( RA 3.59.5   DEC -7.31 ) a small object approx mag 10-15 moved 
    > through the FOV.
    > It took something like 2 minutes to track 20 arc minutes and travelled 
    > roughly North to South.
    > May have been a deep space satellite , but it could also be a small NEO.
    > Any near earth object experts on the list ?
    > (Pics/animation to follow )
    > John
    Jim Scotti
    Lunar & Planetary Laboratory
    University of Arizona
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