Kevins decision not to post

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 06:51:24 EST

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    >Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 21:14:27 -0800 (PST)
    >From: Kevin Fetter <>
    >Subject: no more post from me for awhile
    >I better quit posting messages on what I observe here. This is due to  
    >a rather rude email I received from someone. I guess some people can't 
    >stand my post's, so I won't post anything for awhile. That way I won't 
    >bother them.
    Hi Kevin and any one else who will take the trouble to read.
    I am very sorry to hear about this and feel that it will not foster
    our hobby when one takes notice of rude individuals who apparently have
    little better to do than complain. I have particularly strong feelings
    on this subject so at the risk of putting my foot in my mouth I am going
    to vent my feelings.
    We are all supposedly doing this as a hobby and we all have different
    interests in the field of satellite tracking so one will naturally read
    messages of interest ,or post messages relevant to one's interest.No one
    is forced to do otherwise and as far as I am concerned the only person
    who can decide whether your posts are suitable or not is the moderator,ie
    Ted and Im pretty certain it was not him that complained!
    You have spent a great deal of money and time in developing your interest
    and you have done a lot in promoting your interests - I find your satellite
    videos of great interest and every week visit your site to see whats new
    and download the latest SATELLITE.ZIP file.
    I do not know who complained ,or exactly what was said, but just what has 
    this person DONE to CONTRIBUTE to our hobby - is it just a silent lurker
    or maybe somebody more active?
    I cannot see the geostationaries you are so enthusiastic about, but does this
    then mean I should complain about your reports etc - rubbish ! - I am sure it
    is of interest to some readers. There are numerous postings on SeeSat that I 
    have no interest in but they are all read and the last thing to cross my mind 
    would be to complain because they are of little or no interest to me.
    Some people complain about the cost and time spent reading such messages-
    I pay for my internet access by the second and its not cheap, BUT I enjoy
    reading every SeeSaT message I get - besides the time taken to download a
    SeeSat bulletin is minimal- if one cannot afford to pay this cost, or 
    spend time downloading and reading a message then you should not be in
    this hobby.
    The day somebody complains about my postings, which I know are long winded
    and sometimes off topic, will be the day I stop doing satellite tracking
    and I will do my own private "thing" purely for my own pleasure. If I have 
    to put up with people who complain etc and try to dictate what I can or 
    cannot do then thats it and I am sure that anyone who does anything for
    this hobby will feel exactly the same !  
    This is a HOBBY and a hobby is done to relax one and to provide interest-
    having to put up with ungrateful individuals is the last thing one wants.
    We are surrounded by rules and regulations - lets make our hobby something
    that is pleasurable.
    So my advice to you Kevin is to IGNORE those who have nothing better to do
    than complain - dont even dignify them with a reply, and post EVEN more!
    Best wishes
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