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Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 19:34:38 EST

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    1. Personal disputes, whether about list rules or any other issue, must be
    settled off-list.
    Most of the time, SeeSat-L subscribers treat one another with kindness, but
    human nature being what it is, few of us are angels all of the time. If someone
    sends you a message you find hurtful, try to ignore it. 
    If the offender escalates into harassment, use your e-mail software's filter to
    screen out any further messages, and/or file a complaint with his or her
    Internet service provider. In cases of harassment, I will consider suspending or
    banning the offender from SeeSat-L.
    If someone has sent you a message accusing you of violating list rules and you
    disagree, then please ask me off-list for a ruling.
    If you believe that someone is violating list rules, please feel free to contact
    me off-list for a ruling.
    There should be no need to involve me in purely personal disputes between/among
    subscribers, i.e. those not involving list rules, except in cases of harassment,
    as noted above.
    2. Please Trim your quotes
    In e-mail correspondence, it has become common practice to endlessly quote all
    previous messages in the thread, but that is forbidden on SeeSat-L. Please quote
    only as much as of the original message as required for clarity. If you must
    refer readers to an entire earlier message, please include a link to the copy in
    our web archive.
    3. Please Respect Copy-righted Material
    Please do not post copy-righted material in its entirety. Quote only as much as
    required for fair comment, or to inform readers as to its content. If the
    material has been published on the web, by all means include a link to it,
    unless the author or host forbids doing so.
    Ted Molczan
    Admin, SeeSat-L
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