Re: Another brightly flashing geosynch

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 17:00:46 EST

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    Correction.  I wrote: "Superbird (89-47A, 20040)".  Thanks 
    to Pierre N. for pointing out it's 89-41A.  (I find names -- 
    even "USA nnn" -- about 100 times as memorable as the COSPAR 
    numbers.  Every single time I have to take time to look up 
    the numbers for objects whose names I have known for years.)
    Last night as we were watching USA 148 Rk (00-001B, 26053), 
    another one caught up to it and passed very very close to it.
    Mike identified that one as Himawari 1 Rk (77-65B, 10144).
    Thanks very much to Kevin F. for making available the video 
    of Superbird, with a couple of its flashes.  Very very neat!
    Ed C.
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