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Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 13:13:40 EST

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    Mention of the Novosti Kosmonavtiki article on MISTY reminded me of an 
    article some of you might find interesting published by the same journal in 
    September 2003 on USA-171 and other US geosynchronous SIGINT satellites. The 
    original article, in Russian of course, can be found at
    I don't know any willing Russian translators, unfortunately, but I did run 
    the article through one of those crude translation programs on the web, 
    which was good enough to get most of the gist of it. Like the MISTY article, 
    it is also mainly a pastiche of previously published information, but it too 
    seems to have some intriguing tidbits. I would be happy to send the result 
    to anyone who wants to have a look.
    - Bill Robinson 
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