USA 129 manoeuvre

From: Thierry Marais (
Date: Sat Dec 11 2004 - 11:04:22 EST

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    Hi Björn and list,
    Björn Gimle wrote about USA 129 manoeuvre :
    > OTOH we should analyze the reason for a reboost just slightly higher than
    > 01-44A.
    > Current elsets indicate that the reboost was made on Nov.18 - very close to
    > the time of Tony's obs
    > 24680 96 072A   8597 P 20041118122330800 27 25 0546800-530004 48 S+035
    I came to the same result.
    > At this time, separation was only 2:24 - very premature - and MM became
    > 14.725!
    I agree premature. I note that at this time the ground traces of USA 129 and 
    USA 161 were approximately in "middle interlace". I mean the trace of one 
    is in the middle of two successive pass of the other. We know that the very 
    different drag for the two orbits lead to a parabolic wander around this average 
    position between two manoeuvres. This scheme could have been abandonned 
    if USA 161has also manoeuvred to a classical low perigee at the same time, 
    its recovery could be instructive in this regard. Also, USA 116 reached 9 
    years in orbit last Dec 5, is it still there ?
    T. Marais
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