RE: Obs 07 Dec 2004 Part 1

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 08:41:04 EST

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    Greg Roberts wrote:
    > (1) 96072A USA 129 "recovered" - not that it was really lost - I just
    >     hadnt done a plane search for it.
    Nice work on the recovery!
    Weather permitting, and I hope to soon search for 03790B / 90019, which is
    expected to decay in a few weeks.
    > (4) My new camera - MINTRON 12V1-EX was posted to me yesterday from
    >     Germany so hopefully Ill have it in time to look for 
    > Father Christmas.
    >     This should give me another 2-3 magnitudes gain on medium and high
    >     altitude satellites. Will keep the group posted.
    That would open up many new possibilities for tracking.
    Ted Molczan
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