Using a laptop as a stopwatch

From: George Roberts (
Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 13:42:59 EST

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    When timing satellites, I found this wonderful *free* software that 
    I use on my laptop. I've used it to time flashes.  It allows you 
    to capture times with a single key or mouse click and you can 
    add a comment simply by typing it before the next timing.  It's 
    pretty easy to add text to an older timing also.  The data can then 
    easily be pulled into excel or whatever.  The worst
    thing about it is that you always have to tell it to do 10ms resolution 
    when you restart it.  The best thing is that instead of storing just 10 
    or 50 times it can store thousands.  Like a stopwatch you don't 
    need to have your eyes leave the satellite - just one finger on the 
    mouse-clicker or the assigned time capture key.  The software 
    is called:
    And it is free at multiple places including the author's website:
    - George Roberts
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