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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sun Dec 28 2003 - 19:30:24 EST

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    Greg Roberts wrote:
    > I did a plane search for USA129 using Teds earliest orbit --
    > I think it was #71008  -  starting at 19h00UT and eventually 
    > stopped by clouds at 2038UT. Several satellites were seen but 
    > all going wrong way etc. However one satellite may be a 
    > possibility. I am unable to find a match in the elements sets 
    > I have so report it on the off-chance that it may be the 
    > missing satellite. It was seen crossing the edge of the field 
    > so I only had a short arc and in addition there is some field 
    > distortion which I tried to minimise by using stars in the 
    > immediate vicinity. The magnitude and direction were 
    > reasonable but I got the impression it may have been moving a 
    > bit slower than expected.
    The object travelled the 2.267 deg between Greg's two points in 9 s, for an
    average rate of 0.25 deg/s, within 0.01 deg/s of my search orbits.
    It is also a good match in all other respects, and no other object is, so I
    believe Greg observed USA 129. 
    I will work on a new search orbit for USA 129. It is likely to be rough, but
    will narrow tomorrow's searches considerably, especially for Tony, who will see
    the orbit sooner.
    Ted Molczan
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