unid flasher near Beta Ceti 12/24/03

From: chiayk1 (chiayk1@singnet.com.sg)
Date: Wed Dec 24 2003 - 23:39:44 EST

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    Hi folks:
     While searching for meteors, one slow flasher caught my attention.  A stacked
    frame showing the trail can be  seen in
       EGP is near the vicinity but trajectory is way out. This unid flasher passed
    between Beta Ceti and 7 Ceti and moving towards the bottom of the frame.
       The closest candidate is cosmos 1536 fit the trajectories but ppas database
    did not indicate this is flashing. The period is roughtly 7.3 seconds... which
    kind of rule out EGP as well.
       So is this cosmos 1536 ( 84-13A) afterall?
    Merry Xmas to All
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