Re: Epoch Date Age Analysis

From: Skywise (
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 15:51:34 EST

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    Max White wrote:
    > Can you explain the reasoning of this pointless piece of 'analysis'? 
    > Anyone using the elsets can see how old they are. It is uncalled for, 
    > not desired on this list as far as I can determine, and has only 
    > resulted in Mike McCants pulling his Alldat file from general use 
    > because of this 'analysis'.
    > What does it achieve?
    > Max White / Kettering Group
    > Cheltenham
    I have to add my voice here since the ALLDAT file is the one I
    use almost exclusively for my sat observing.
    Since Mike obviously finds some offense to his data being
    'analyzed' I respectfully request that at the very least Conrad
    no longer 'analyzes' the ALLDAT file.
    As to the appropriateness of the analysis posts, that is up to
    the list administrator.
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